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How do you know if what you’re doing in this world is right? 

How do you know you are following the light?

The path to your true being

That says you’re doing it right

I’m not calling all Gods

But calling all gods

Whether you believe in the universal laws

Whether you believe in Christ the savior

Or the all mighty Alah

We all come to a cross roads of believing

Of seeing

Of hoping

Of wishing

For signs from the above

That all is good

And that we are loved

Highly favored and truly blessed 

But what I’ve realized is its about how we manifest


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I’m not always love

And I’m not always light

I’m not always positive

And that’s alright…


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This journey is me manifesting my destiny

The first step to many of being who I want to be

Which means facing my biggest fears but achieving my biggest desires

Chasing my passion, like stroking fires

Where before I didn’t know where my path lay

And a small voice that didn’t know its’ way


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I’d like to write a story about the men no one hears about. About the fathers whose voices were heard and made all the difference to their families’ lives. This would be the start to my father’s story…

15 weeks ago I started this blog.

I can’t say I knew what I was doing, because I can barely say that now, but I think I caught on.

Honestly, psychology is new to me. I never even took a psychology course in undergrad. It was a challenge not being taught any of the principles. You had to kind of just catch on, figure it out for yourself. I mean there were readings, a passing comment, 2 hour seminars, or stalking someone’s blog. But there wasn’t a lecture on classic psych studies, or principles you should know. I liked it though because I had to be in charge of my own understanding.

Anyway, I can’t believe my first semester at SC is over. I have to say, I love it here. California is amazing, as is the Trojan family. Next semester will be even better and I can’t wait to see what it brings!

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You probably won’t be hearing from me until January, so don’t miss me too much..

I love my D.S.T.

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“Malls plan to track shopper locations through cell phones on Black Friday”

We know cell phones now come with tracking devices, but who knew they would be used for understanding shopping patterns in malls. Trying not to get to much into conspiracy theory, but do you think that’s really all they are doing?

“[… I]t’s unlikely that customers will turn off their main device for communication and busy shoppers may miss the notifications posted within the mall.” Well, at least we know they’re really trying to get the word out there. We can probably guess why they aren’t making to big of a deal about it. In order to gather the information they need people to keep their phones on, and researchers can get away with saying they had “notifications posted within the mall.”

Anyway the point of this entry wasn’t to get into the privacy issue behind it all. It was instead to start thinking about the future. Could you imagine, what it would be like if you walk by your favorite store and you get a text that qualifies you for 20% off? Yeah, I’d be broke!

The article says it can’t really pinpoint exact locations, just the general vicinity of the mall. And while we wouldn’t want our cellphones to be going off with thousands of texts from the stores you pass, it would still be cool if they figured out a system. I’m thinking, you sign up for your stores online, then when you walk by, it tracks and delivers. Crazy right, but all so possible now with tracking systems.

For customers it could trigger all kinds of responses. Depending on the type of coupon it can have the scarcity effect. So, if they don’t use the offer right then and there it won’t be valid next time. Also, if offers are sent out randomly, it feels more like gambling. Customers never know when they will receive deals, so they feel more pressure to use them when they do get them. I can imagine the amount of dissonance that is going to occur when you go to the mall not planning on buying anything. Your phone vibrates and its a 30% off offer to your favorite store. What do you do? You might as well go look since you’re already in the store, right?

But that really is the best part. You’re not simply receiving coupons when you don’t need them and you don’t have to worry about going to the store before they expire. It all happens right as you walk into the mall. Could be a nice set-up for whoever gets it going…