How do you know if what you're doing in this world is right? How do you know you are following the light? The path to your true being That says you're doing it right I'm not calling all Gods But calling all gods Whether you believe in the universal laws Whether you believe in Christ... Continue Reading →


This journey is me manifesting my destinyThe first step to many of being who I want to beWhich means facing my biggest fears but achieving my biggest desiresChasing my passion, like stroking firesWhere before I didn't know where my path layAnd a small voice that didn't know its' way


I'd like to write a story about the men no one hears about. About the fathers whose voices were heard and made all the difference to their families' lives. This would be the start to my father's story...

Eye on the prize..

"Malls plan to track shopper locations through cell phones on Black Friday" We know cell phones now come with tracking devices, but who knew they would be used for understanding shopping patterns in malls. Trying not to get to much into conspiracy theory, but do you think that's really all they are doing? "[... I]t’s... Continue Reading →

Still Jenny from the Block?!

How effective are celebrity endorsements? You ever wonder why brands choose to have spokespeople. Such a common tactic to promote a brand, most the time it is simply because the spokespeople are attractive, for example Ms. Jenifer Lopez and the Fiat. The psychology that marketers rely on when it comes to spokespeople stems from the... Continue Reading →

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